APIsAR Episode V - API Management with Azure

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During an event that took place on May 3, 2017 in Buenos Aires, German Küber facilitated a presentation about API Management with Azure, the API Platform developed and commercialized by Microsoft.

About the event

The event took place at the Avature offices in Buenos Aires and counted with around 30 guests in place plus 15 watching the online streaming. The presentation contained a mix of theoretical explanation about the concepts to be managed, and the way of doing it by making use of the platform features.

Pic from the event

People attended the event and committed themselves to proposing topics for future episodes. After that, we all enjoyed some snacks and drinks provided by the Venue, meanwhile multiple conversations were being held (philosophy and theology included!)

You can watch the entire presentation here.

About APIsAR

APIsAR (stands for APIs Argentina) is the first and only group in Argentina that meets to discuss and present topics related with the APIs ecosystem. I founded it myself 3 years ago and it counts with more than 700 members at the moment of writing this post. If you want to receive notifications about upcoming meetups, check the forums and engage with its community, join the Meetup group here. You can also follow its news via twitter (@APIsARgentina) and facebook (APIsArgentina), and watch the previous episodes on its Youtube channel. You can also join the community slack channel to get engaged with the topics and discuss with subject matter experts.

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to reach me @nohorbee